First Day of Summer, Last Day of Freedom

Summer officially starts today and with it comes a number of changes. While I would love to get all metaphorical here, adding clever quips about how we change with seasons and blah blah, I’m talking in the literal sense here. However, for the sake of appearing scholarly, I’ll include a quote that I stumbled upon this morning that I think will bring in a touch of class to my little blog here.

“Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.” -Kellie Elmore

Never before have words been so true. Why, I have had a number of great experiences happen to me while wearing flip flops. Perhaps the one that stands out the most is when I found and singed the lease for the apartment that I’ll be moving into in Boston this September. After a series of some considerable apartment let downs, the place that my future roommates and I looked like pure heaven. Trust me, some of the places we looked at were down right awful. One that’s still makes my skin crawl is an apartment that kind of


Be it ever so humble, there is no place like a creepy home!

reminded me of Norman Bate’s house. No, not the Bate’s motel, the creepy house.

As for the changes themselves, there are quite a few that are about to happen. Come Monday morning, I’ll be back working at a summer camp run though my local Jewish center. While I’m thrilled to be working again, especially after having been on break since early May, there is one little side note about my job that I’m not exactly jumping up and down about. That of course, is our limitations when it comes to food. No meat, no peanuts, no hard foods like carrots (kids aren’t allowed to bring it so neither are the counselors) and if any kids in my group have any special food allergies, I can cross whatever that might be off my list as well. So, with such a restrictive list of food, what can I bring to work? Yogurt. Lots and lots of yogurt. Maybe some granola too, but that might have to be negotiable. But oh wait, there’s more! I can’t bring my yogurt in a plastic bag, plastic bags are banned too. I’m going to be brown bagging it this summer!

So besides that big change, what else is going to happen now that summer is starting? Well, Sunday mark’s my last say of my cake decorating course AND my dad’s 61st birthday. What this means is, CAKE!!!! But not just a cake made out of measly old cake mix, haha, that would be too easy. I’m going to make a cake my mom pulled of a binder filled with recipes she collected during the last late 1980s. Who needs cake mix when you have retro recipes from a food publication no longer in print!!!

Hmm, anything else?

Well, after much deliberation, I have decided to bike rack my history of cookbooks stuff for now. There are other things I really want to focus on, like preparing for grad school, food (of course), and getting ready to move out. It may come back someday down the road, but for now, its on hiatus.

I’ll be back tomorrow night (hopefully) with the cake recipe. Let’s all hope my time management skills allow me to pull it off.

Till then,