A Love Letter to Curry

It’s the little things in life that I enjoy the most. A simple night out with close friends, for example, always has the opportunity of turning into something so much more. If you have friends like me, this is not so much a possibility but rather a guaranteed occurrence. I think the fact that all of us suck at organizing kind of helps with that. How bad are we at organizing? Well, imagine that you have made plans to hang out with friends at 8:30, well its 8:15 and you still haven’t decided on a place to eat, or even meet up. Yea, that’s basically the default way we begin our nights out. But don’t put all the blame on us. Its not our fault that our town is bursting at its sides with eateries. And since no one else had offered up suggestions, I appeared to be in charge of of deciding where to eat. To do this, I had to actually go down a list and exclude all the kinds of food I didn’t want. Greek, Mexican, Portuguese, Persian, Sushi, Indian, Italian, Afghani, and Classic America were all ruled out. Yes, that list is impressively lengthy but all of that and more exist within the confines of my town alone. Given such pickyness, we boiled it down to two places: An Asian fusion place and a Thai place. The Asian fusion place, called Ting and in a the same location as another Asian fusion placed called Dao (Sense a theme?) seemed intriguing but WAY too pricy for our cheap butts. So Thai it was!

While there a variety of ways that I could describe Sri Thai, I’m going to sum it up with this: They love Hello Kitty. Yea, that is not a mistake, I’m serious. They really do love Hello Kitty. From the soap dispensers to the little plates that they place the checks on, there are little nods to the white, happy kitty all over. It sounds tacky and would probably make one question the quality of the food but don’t give in to your inner skeptic, the food is outstanding. It really is, and I am not saying that because they make delicious curry there (though that it half of it). In all seriousness, considering the decent prices, you are guaranteed a savory and filling meal at Sri Thai. Considering that, it makes complete sense that this, along with a few other places in Huntington Village, have earned the title of a ‘go-to’ spot. But simply showing up when expected would have been too easy for us.  Indeed, there was a bit of confusion on where exactly we were going to meet up. It took some time but we finally arrived at our destination! It didn’t really matter to me that we had taken an additional ten minutes to figure out where we were meeting, I kind of already knew what I was going to get.

Curry Heaven!!!

Curry Heaven!!!

It really is no secret that curry is one of my favorite things in the edible world. Why curry? Perhaps it is because it is the thing that made me a foodie. I mean, I think a good curry could make anyone a foodie, especially if they went eighteen years without ever having it. Yes, eighteen years, that’s not a mistake either. To explain this rather upsetting aspect of my life, you need to understand that my mom is NOT a foodie. I guess that fact that my mom makes couscous without seasoning it should be enough to explain things. Now don’t go thinking she doesn’t love food, because she does, she just likes it a certain way. Unfortunately me, curry, amongst other things, is not included on household approved meals.  With that out of the way, you can almost imagine

A meal is never complete without curry puffs!

A meal is never complete without curry puffs!

the culinary revaluation I had the first time I took a bite out of curry. It was so different from anything I had ever had before, words really can’t describe it. I guess if you really want to understand, watch that scene from Ratatouille in which Remy first eats good food. You’ll get what I mean.

And in case you are wondering, the curry was amazing! While I usually order massaman curry, I decided to try something new and was greatly rewarded for my curiosity. Panang curry might be my new obsession. Leslie went with a traditional chicken curry that equally looked delicious. On the opposite side of the table, my friend Olivia decided to opt out on the curry boat. I have nothing against Pad Thai but come on, how can any one -except my mom- turn away from curry!!!!!! Well, I guess when your Pad Thai looks as good as her’s you can. Fine, I’ll let it go…this time. I am, after-all, a forgiving soul. Besides, afterwards we went out for frozen yogurt and piled on those toppings!

Olivia's Pad Thai

Olivia’s Pad Thai

At the same time, we briefly toyed with the idea of creating our own youtube channel in which the three of us would critique movies while we watched them but sadly that idea was ruled out. Alas, my dreams of youtube stardom have once again been slashed. Someday the dream will become real!

Overall, for a night out organized at the last minute, I had a blast. I think the only way it could have been better was if the local bookstore had been opened; I could have stared at curry cookbooks all night. I guess that will have to wait for next time. Sadly Olivia is off to Israel in a few days for birthright so it will be a while before another night of high-jinx. Of course that doesn’t mean the fun will be ending. In the meantime, I can dazzle you with stories about the cake decorating class that Leslie and I are currently taking. Did we have any experience doing this sort of thing before? Nope! More on that next time.

Actually, now that I think of it, Olivia is my second friend going to off to Israel. A close school friend is already in Haifa where she will be for the next couple of months. Damn, looks like Israel was the place to be for the summer season. Well, if I can’t be in Israel, I’ll just bring Israel to me! That’s right, its time to break out my Israeli cookbook. Oooh, this is going to be fun!

Have any of you had a life changing culinary moment? If so, please share below in the comments section!

Till next time,