My Life in Boston Summarized into Bullet Points

So for those of you who have not yet noticed, I sort of disappeared slightly from the Blog-o-sphere during these past few months [7 if you have been counting]. And while I am not proud of my very long and unplanned hiatus, I realized last night that its high time for me to start blogging and baking again. At this time, I cannot say how frequently I will be updating this blog with recipes since I still am living on a student/shoestring budget, but I will try my hardest to post something here at least once or twice a week. Which brings us to today’s post.

What the hell have I been doing with my life since I last really posted something here?

While I could totally write out a very lengthy overview of my life in Boston thus far, I’ve decided to do you guys a favor and stick to bullets points. If you are super curious about the life of little old me, then you can wait for this blog to become a book, and then a movie with a star studded cast and an over the top budget. ‘Cause that apparently happens to blogs and bloggers these days. Ok, maybe the movie part is rare but the book thing does seem to happen quite frequently. Maybe if I play my cards right, I can get a TV show deal with the CW? Wouldn’t it be cool to see my life played out in a way that isn’t at all close to anything that actually represents reality? I can totally picture it now, Boston would become New York (’cause New York just sounds better than Boston)

Where I really live

Where I really live

Where I should be living

Where I should be living

My status as a student working towards a degree in both library and information science and history would be given the ax and instead, I’d be some twenty-something working in an independent bookstore or cafe, one where the owners are really hip, down to earth people, the kind that probably went to Woodstock or frequent Burning Man every year.



Screw you education


Stories about shop girls make for better TV

Stories about shop girls make for better TV

Dream bosses that provide awesome comedic fodder

Dream bosses that provide awesome comedic fodder

And I’d have a cat, ’cause every TV show heroine needs a fluffy sidekick. Now all I need is three super awesome, yet different, best friends, a super rich and successful boyfriend that is way out of my league and BAM! TV brilliance. It’d be like Sex in the City meets Girls. Talk about an award wining idea!

Alright, I’ve stalled enough. Time to catch you up with my life!

  • I am almost done with my first year at Simmons and have ZERO regrets about deciding to pursue my dream of becoming a librarian
  • I now work at the Boston Public Library as a Gallery Attendant for a Map Gallery. On a daily basis, I help people with map-based questions and occasionally, get to write call #s on antique maps from the turn of the century. I’ve been here for less than three months so hopefully, the longer I get to spend here, the more stuff I will get to do
  • I’ve selected my eventual thesis paper topic: 1950s American food and consumerist culture and its impact on gender roles
  • I’m moving! Landlord wouldn’t let me renew my lease so I’m currently hunting for a new place. Hopefully one with larger kitchen that has windows in it
  • I have become something of a hard cider connoisseur. While other people I know freaking love beer (I just don’t get it?), I have started drinking my way through the world of fermented apple juice
  • My diet has dissolved down to essentially cereal, oatmeal, and yogurt. Clearly, I need to start cooking again
  • I can bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies in about an hour now (a personal achievement)
  • I’ve become a big fan of board games
  • I’ve visited one of Harvard’s special libraries and have officially come into physical contact with the letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto!
  • And finally, I’ve tasted sausage for the first time and now totally love it.

So there you have it, my life in bullet points. True it is not nearly as interesting as the life my fictional counterpart probably would have, but I would not trade it for a thing!

Catch y’all later!


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