About Me

Salutations to all! My name is Jill and I am a twenty-two year old college grad getting ready to enter grad school. While this blog will focus on my time and experiences as a grad student studying library and information science in Boston, the bulk of this blog will concentrate on my life as an accidental foodie.

Why do I say accidental? Well, because I do not think I was ever supposed to become a foodie. Having grown up in a household were unseasoned couscous and rice were common side dishes my knowledge of the culinary world was relatively limited. The food I ate was good enough, though I remained ignorant of what one could do to a meal if given the chance to uses spices and different flavors. But then, through the powers of sheer curiosity mixed with intense hunger, I tried Indian food for the first time. It wasn’t my first choice of things to eat, but I was starving and didn’t have it in me to go look for something else to eat. From that first bite of curry, something I had only heard about and seen on TV, I realized that food was more than just what appeared on my plate. My days of unseasoned couscous were over!

Since my foodie awakening back in 2010, I have become something of a novice baker, a food enthusiast, and an extreme bibliophile. Considering that I am about to move out of my home in New York state so I can attend grad school in Boston, I am hoping to add amateur cook to that list as well.

With so much about to change, I am inviting you to follow along as I try to figure out life, school, Boston, and food, one yummy day at a time.


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