Greetings From Boston!

This post has taken longer to write than I would have liked but here it is, my first post from BOSTON!!

Its been almost a week since I moved here and I hate to say that its taken just as long to get settled. Waiting for my furniture to arrive definitely didn’t help. One can only sleep on an air mattress for so long before the novelties of a bed become necessary. But hey, the bed is here now, ditto for the dresser. As for my apartment itself, it has so far been pretty awesome. Four bedrooms, two baths, a balcony, and a kitchen without any windows. Yep, talk about home sweet home. Windowless-ness aside, the Brighton/Brookline area of Boston has a blast to explore. There is just so much going on here. Oh, have I mentioned that I now have a Trader Joe’s just ten minutes away from my apartment? This is big news for me since the Trader Joe’s near my house on Long Island was at least thirty minutes away. Truly, it is such a wonderful thing to just be able to hop on the T for five minutes and then BAM, hello TJ’s! And then there is the food. Oh god I am in heaven here. On my first night in Boston, my new roommates took me to this massive Asian-food themed food-court near Packard’s Corner. There was just so much variety there; my mind could barely handle it. I will definitely be going back soon and then I promise to give the place a proper review.

Hmm, I feel like I am missing something….oh yeah, I am officially a graduate student now! Hooray!!!! With my first day of classes this past Thursday and am now taking my first steps towards becoming a librarian while at the same time, slightly hating myself for deciding to go back to school. Over the course of my five month long summer break, I kind of forgot what it is like to be a student. Well, I remember now and have to say, I didn’t miss taking notes and having homework assignments.

I’m going to cut things off here since despite having just moved to a new city to a new apartment, there hasn’t been that much that has actually happened to me yet. But don’t worry, I’ll be posting a new recipe here very soon.

Till then!