Foodie Ramblings: A week of crazy

Phew, what a week.

I was in New York one minute, then in Boston, and then, to finish the week off, went off to the Hamptons for some beach fun. But I’m getting a bit ahead of my self. Let’s rewind to Tuesday, when all this crazy began.


Perfect day for the city *sigh* I’m going to miss this place

Hello NYC!!! Having became a recent fan of the show Sex and the City and its over-the-top obsession of all things NYC, I am starting to realize how much I am going to miss the Big Apple. So when my close friend asked if I wanted to meet up in the city for dinner and a show I naturally jumped at the chance. Now out of all of my favorite places in the city, my number one place has to be Central Park. Every reason why I love that place can been seen during a musical number in the film Enchanted. Just watch the seen where they sing “That’s How You Know” and you’ll totally understand. While there wasn’t much singing going on, there were plenty of families and couples out on the pond in little boats, independent musicians putting on small little concerts, and those guys who make those big bubbles. After our walk, we high tailed it over to the west side of Manhattan for some yummy Mexican food curtsey of a small place called Tortilla Flats. Not only was the food delicious for the price (We both opted for dishes on the combo menu which included rice and re-fried beans) but the portions were super generous. Also, I had the best sangria ever, one that was under $10. Can’t go wrong there. As for the show we saw, First Date, it was very good. Now I am not a fan of romantic comedies and the like but I found this to be very entertaining. Its featuring that guy from that TV show Chuck (Zach Levine I think his name is) and some girl from Smash. I can assure you, most of the people in the theater actually knew who these people were. I’m just weird like that.

Wednesday. Spent bulk of the day traveling. Once I finally managed to get off the Amtrak train from hell (5 hours!!!!!) I dropped off my stuff at my sister’s place in Somerville before heading over to my soon-to-be neighborhood, Brookline, to meet my friend and future roommate. Together, we dined on inexpensive Indian food from a place called Curry House. While at first I was a bit skeptic about the taste considering the price, I was super overjoyed to find my Saag Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala (I couldn’t resist) to be extremely flavorful and spicy. Sorry I don’t have any photos of my meal. I was starving and wolfed it down with my friend in a matter of minutes.

Relaxed, artsy...oh god, I'm becoming a hipster

Relaxed, artsy…oh god, I’m becoming a hipster

Thursday. The reason I came to Boston for the remainder of the week. Believe it or not but I had an interview at the America’s Test Kitchen!!! Yes that’s not a typo, I went to THE ATK for a potential internship working in their library. While the interview went well, I didn’t get the internship. Yea I am disappointed but I think I am fairly certain that they wanted to give the opportunity to someone who hasn’t had a chance to work in a library setting like I have (I worked in one for four years). The girl who interviewed me was very nice but did put emphasis on how it was a great place to start if one has never worked in a library before. Rejection aside, it was a great experience and it gave me a chance to explore Brookline Village. It was there that I found a small, artsy, independent cafe that I totally fell in love with. The Kookoo Cafe is just the kind of place one can go for it a decent brunch/lunch, a good hot drink, and the kind of atmosphere one can either read, have a conversation with friends, or do some last minute studying before class. Basically, I love places like these. Will def be going back even if it is a bit out of the way from apartment or anything else.

Friday. Driving. Lots and lots of driving. The roads were horrible and the trip that normally takes about 4 hours took a shocking 6 hours!!

Saturday. The Hamptons! Just let that word sink in. As my sister said yesterday, we are very grateful to know people who can afford to rent a beach house out there. As for the house, it was not the most beautiful piece of architecture out there. However, the view from the deck was outstanding, especially during sunset. The beach too, was outstanding and I am not the biggest beach person out there. Soft sand, perfect seashells, the ocean nice and blue and beyond freezing. It was a great day, one spent with close family friends…and sangria!!! Free, homemade, sangria. Talk about being the bees knees.

And that, everyone, was my week. I actually do have a recipe to post here but that will wait until later. I don’t want to bombard you, dear readers, with any more text. I think I have done enough of that already.

Can you believe that in six days I will be officially moving to Boston???


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