Foodie Ramblings: Cast Iron Skillets


As I have continued to down the foodie path, I thus far done quite a bit of research in regards to different types of cookware and bakeware. While my collection of kitchen based items has certainly grown in the last few years, it is still far from being completed. Although I have some pieces that I would be lost with out, there is only so much one can find in the heaps of stuff that my fellow Clarkies left behind when they moved off campus. Things such as rice cookers, slow cookers, and cast iron skillets. This last item in particular was one that I didn’t necessarily think I ever needed. But then I borrowed my friend’s cast iron skillet to make home-made crab rangoon one day and suddenly, I started thinking about getting one for myself. Sturdy, resilient, and capable of holding an even heat, purchasing a cast iron skillet seemed like the ideal thing to do, especially after another friend informed me that they found theirs at a nearby thrift store for under $10! Well for a bargain price like that, how could I say no?

Well, saying no turned out to be quite easy; whenever I went to the thrift store they always seemed to be out of cast iron skillets. While I did debate purchasing one online, I decided that I had enough stuff at school already. Moving out was already going to be -and was in actuality- an unfun chore, why should I burden myself with an extra 5+ pounds of weight? But after months of putting it off, I took the plunge this afternoon and bought my first ever piece of cast iron cookware. So, in honor of my new kitchen toy, I have decided to list the top five reasons as to why anyone who is remotely interested in cooking should invest in a piece of cast iron cookware of their very own. Enjoy!

1.It’s made of freak’n iron! Unless you possess the a super human’s touch of destruction, the thing isn’t gonna break.

2. It’s mad versatile! As pointed out, you can use it on the grill or in the oven, to make pizza, bread, dessert, or just sauté vegetables. Need a meat mallet to pound down some chicken? Time to take advantage of your skillet’s heft and shape.

3. It’s non-stick! If seasoned with oil and baked in an oven for the correct amount of time at the right heat, chances are you won’t have to worry about food sticking to your skillet.

4. It heat’s like a dream. Not only will it heat evenly ensuring that everything will be cooked well, it can withstand some pretty hot locations. Stove tops, ovens, even a camp fire. Any cookware you can take camping is a thing worth having.

5. Cleaning is a breeze. Recall how I mentioned seasoning your skillet? Well, not only does it make your skillet non-stick, but it saves you the chore of cleaning, kind of. Giving your seasoned cast iron skillet a good soap down turns out to be detrimental to its non-stick properties. At the same time, it could potentially leave a rather soapy after taste on the next meal you cook with it.

Bonus: It’s sexy! Ok, this was something that I stumbled upon and just found mad amusing.

Call me crazy but I find these things kinda hot. There’s something rustic about them. Like a guy with a great beard. When you see someone working with a big heavy pan, it’s a turn on. Or at least… that’s what I tell myself.


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