Foodie Brain Blast!!!!!

Two posts in one day? My god, whatever this must be about has to be important!

*Drums roll in the distance*

I believe that I have done it, that I have found one of the seven wonders within the foodie universe. What is this earth shattering discovery? Its called and for someone who merely hours before was commenting on how their life is surrounded by food, this website is like a godsend. How do I know that I have stumbled upon a foodie Shangrila? Because of what is written on the about us page: “Food Fanatic was created with a few simple ideas in mind. We love food, in fact, you’d say we’re downright fanatical about it. But we also love pretty pictures, excellent writing, and people who are passionate – maybe even fanatics themselves – about creating good food. -”


Food, passion, pictures, and writing? It’s like four of the most important things ever coming together and forming the Justice League of foodie websites. Just like, this website offers an extensive list of different recipes. It has healthy recipes, one pot meals, desserts, vegetarian recipes, even a section labeled ‘Food Network Recipes’. How much better can you get? On top of all of this awesomeness, where this website really finds its charm is the fact that they have different bloggers -fanatics- writing in their own recipes for their respective section. I think that that is so cool, having real people simply doing what they love, baking and cooking. I highly suggest checking out this website as I will most likely be doing for the next few hours.

And yes, I actually shouted out the phrase ‘Foodie Brain Blast!’ when I accidentally stumbled upon this website (while watching The American Baking Competition in the background).

Till next time,



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