Labour of Love

Labour of Love

They should attach a warning label to the sign up sheet that reads “Warning, you will be eating in class, a lot”. I had to resist the temptation of running my fingers through the icing.

Despite being surrounded by all things yummy, the class is going really well. The image above might not be the most beautiful thing on the planet but hey, not bad for a first timer! As for the class itself, its going very well. For just $20, which includes four classes and a decorating kit, you can learn all the basics, like basic pipping flower decorations just to name a few things we’ve been learning. You really do get a lot of bang for your buck. I guess the only downside is the somewhat obnoxious amount of advertising for the Wilton Company. I mean, its kind of borderline brainwashing, especially when our wonderful instructor mentions the 50% off coupons Michael’s has a tendency of offering online. Whenever class is over I always find myself back in the Wilton aisle, wondering what else I need to walk out of the store with. Pipping gel, cake boards, maybe a cake tin in the shape of Mr. Spongebob Squarepants?

Oooh I want me some Spongebob cake!!!!

Oooh I want me some Spongebob cake!!!!

Why not? I’m sure I will have a use for it someday down the road.

Pushing aside the corporate whoring, thee class is a blast! At the moment it’s just me and my friend Leslie which means we can act like idiots as much as want without inspiring looks of bafflement from other classmates.  Sadly our days of carefree craziness are now a thing of the past. As of this week, our class has been combined with a large class on Sundays. Apparently our class of two was a financial money pit. What this means is now, Leslie and I have to actually try and act mature since we will be working with five other people. As if resisting the temptation of munching on our baked goods wasn’t hard enough 😛 Well, actually, maybe it would be better if I didn’t resist the urge to eat what we decorate. That cake pictured above is still sitting in my family’s fridge, absolutely untouched. My parents don’t want to eat it so there it sits. Reflecting back on it now, I should have left the cake at the store for the shop clerks to eat. At least then it wouldn’t be going to waste/taking up space in my small fridge.
On the plus side of things, we’re going to be deocrating cupcakes to look like flowers! What this means is that I get to make cupcakes (my favorite thing on the planet) and that my beloved cake is going to have to find a new home…the trash.

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2 thoughts on “Labour of Love

    • Thank you! Decorating has always been one of those things that I have desperately wanted to learn ever since I first started baking. Tomorrow we will be learning how to make basic flowers though I’m going to ask our instructor if she has time to show us how to perfectly ice a cupcake

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