The Joys of….Viewing??

Tv. The tube, the devil’s invention. These are just a smattering of words that I have heard used to describe the wonder that is television. But love it or hate it, I personally (opinion alert!!!) believe that tv is a foodie’s best friend. Why? Well, we eat with our eyes right? I don’t about you guys but watching shows like Masterchef, Top Chef, Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars make me salivate whenever I view them. But these shows, and the many, many, others that are out there are more than just indulgences of food porn goodness, they can also be inspiring (gasp!) and educational (double gasp!!!). Well, the fact that they can be educational shouldn’t be that surprising, I mean, the Food Network must have a monopoly on instructional food shows by now. But even before Sandra Lee stepped into her constantly festive and color-coordinated kitchen to butcher cakes ( we had more…impressive culinary teachers, like Paula Deen, and of course, the Big Mama herself, Julia Child.

Taught us both how to cook French cuisine and how to truly enjoy our time in the kitchen. Thank you, Julia!

Famous names aside, food based tv shows, at least for me, are half of what fuels my interest to tackle new things in the kitchen. With an insatiable sense of curiosity, I love finding new food shows to watch, and with the wonders of pirating I mean streaming, I can watch programs like The Great British Bake Off, Masterchef NZ, and Two Fat Ladies. Programs likes these do more than just showcase gorgeous looking food, they educate as well. For example, both The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef NZ have segments called ‘Masterclass’ in which the show briefly drops its competitive angle and show the viewer how to make certain dishes at home. Going further, The Great British Bake Off cuts up its normal programs with brief segments on food history which feature certain food scholars and historians. Considering my interests, you can imagine the foodie/history overload I had when I discovered this little British gem. And while I’m still praising this deliciously wonderful show, I’ll mention how they show the viewer what the contestants through the use of cute illustrations, like one’s you’d find in grandma’s cookbook. Although these shows are not exactly cooking shows in the traditional sense of the term, they are still mighty informative, inspiring, and just plain enjoyable. Are they Emmy Award programs? Ummm, I wouldn’t go that far, but that doesn’t mean they are just mindless trash either. If you’re like me and enjoy some background noise while multitasking,trying checking out some of the shows that I mentioned above. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy them the same way I do.

Till next time,



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